BakerDAO through CertiK audit(June 18, 2021)

Friday, June 18, 2021

BakerDAO, the decentralized stable currency agreement, has passed the audit of CertiK, a security company, and will go online at 19:00 on June 19, 2021. It is reported that BakerDAO is an upgraded version of MakerDAO running on the coin safety intelligent chain (BSC). It is a multi collateral loan stable currency agreement, which allows users to generate decentralized stable currency BAI by over mortgaging BNB, BUSD, ETH, BTC and other assets. BAI is a decentralized, unbiased, collateral backed, dollar anchored stable currency.
The liquidity mining of BKR will also be started in the near future. BKR is the token of decentralized governance of BakerDAO. At that time, BKR can be mined through BAI, BNB, BUSD, ETH, BTC, HKR and HAI to maximize the decentralization of BKR.