BakerDAO will Compensate BAI (LP) Yeild Farming users(June 21, 2021)

Monday, June 21, 2021

BakerDAO technology community announced that before the price of BAI stabilized, BakerDAO will suspend the yeild farming (BAI-USD,BAI-BUSD,BAI-hHAI,BKR-BAI) related to BAI (LP) at about 12:30 on June 21 (Singapore time). The technical team of BakerDAO will make BKR compensation to the users who previously participated in the BAI's yeild farming due to impermanence, and the details of compensation will be notified separately.
Mining rewards related to BAI (LP) will be allocated to BAI (LP) users who provide yeild farming, BAI single currency mining and BKR LP mining. BakerDAO technology community suggests that users temporarily withdraw BAI liquidity and use BAI for single currency mining to obtain BKR.