Opinions collected on 《BakerDAO System Upgrade Scheme V0.8 (Draft)》(July 28,2021)

Tuesday, July 28, 2021

Since we sought for opinions of the community, BakerDAO System Upgrade Scheme V0.8 (Draft) has been widely discussed and recognized. In consideration of the opinions, we will release the official version and start to develop and launch it step by step to solve three problems specified in the draft. BakerDAO is an upgraded version of MakerDAO, which innovatively optimizes the original problems of MakerDAO and will definitely surpass MakerDAO to become a decentralized stablecoin giant↑↑↑.
1. The liquidation pool cannot bring deficit to the system in the process of clearing collaterals in the system, so it is necessary to set up the parameters and sort out the logic relation properly.
2. BKR pledge pool will be renamed DAO pool.
3. Ways to solve the problems related to the liquidity of BKR and BAI:
The liquidity scheme will be launched to tackle with the problems related to the liquidity of BKR and BAI. Incomes and part of BKR will provide liquidity in DEX, and BAI and stablecoins will be put into stablecoin exchanges to provide liquidity. Besides, stablecoin exchanges can stabilize the price of BAI.
Liquidity mining, including BKR and BAI liquidity mining (decentralized stablecoin exchanges), will be re-initiated.
4. BKR will be repurchased using part of system incomes and then destroyed.
5. An aggregation platform will be developed to aggregate and compare the income of BakerDAO collaterals, which can be operated with one click.